Trénink čtení a tip na výlet

Dub 10, 2024

Láká vás Nizozemsko, jeho největší krásy a zároveň si chcete potrénovat čtení v angličtině? Tak si určitě přečtěte o mé cestě do Nizozemska. Článek je v angličtině s překladem užitečných slovíček a hodí se pro mírně až středně pokročilé studenty.

My trip to Netherland

Today, we’re going to visit the Netherlands together. What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Netherlands’? I imagine vast fields of tulips that look like a palette of colors, mouth-watering cheese, windmills like in the old movies, and bicycles at every turn in Amsterdam.

Vast – ohromný, obrovský 

Mouth-watering – lahodně vypadající (jídlo, ze kterého se sbíhají sliny) 

Windmills – větrné mlýny

The Sea of Flowers in Keukenhof

The first stop on our itinerary was Keukenhof – one of the largest flower parks in the world. This flower park is often called the Sea of Flowers or the Garden of Europe. The small town of Lisse, where Keukenhof is located, is about 40 kilometers from Amsterdam.

Itinerary – plán cesty 

The best time to visit the park is from the end of March to the beginning of May when the tulips bloom gloriously. In other months, the park is closed.

Bloom – kvést 

Gloriously – nádherně, krásně 

The park opens at 8 am and stays open into the evening hours. My advice to you is to be an early bird for once and be at the park before 8 am. It’s the only way to enjoy a relaxing walk and admire the beauty of the flowers. By 11 am, the park gets so full of tourists that you have to push your way through the crowd.  Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance. Keukenhof is usually sold out for several months.

Early bird – ranní ptáče 

Admire – obdivovat 

In advance – předem 

Sold out – vyprodáno 

Keukenhof’s gardens have many kinds of flowers, such as hyacinths, daffodils, carnations, crocuses, lilies, irises, roses, orchids and, of course, tulips! More than 7 million flower bulbs are planted at Keukenhof every year.

Bulbs – cibulky 

The park is kept clean even during visiting days. The flowers in the flowerbeds tend to be arranged according to color, creating admirable patterns. There are plenty of benches along the paths where you can rest as the walk can take more than four hours.

The flowerbeds tend to be arranged according to color – záhony bývají uspořádány podle barev.

Patterns – vzorce 

I won’t even tell you how many photos I took at Keukenhof.

I won’t even tell you – ani vám nebudu říkat 

You are allowed to take your food into the park and eat in the places reserved for that purpose. Of course, you can buy coffee, refreshing drinks, or a quick snack at several locations in the park. However, you have to take into account that prices in the park tend to be more expensive.

Reserved for that purpose – vyhrazeno pro tento účel

I could admire those colourful tulips for hours and I’m sure I’ll be back to Keukenhof again.

Flower Parade

After visiting the park, we also watched the flower parade in the town of Sassenheim. The flower parade is the highlight of spring in the Netherlands.

Flower parade – květinový průvod 

Highlight – „zlatý hřeb“

A parade of cars, carriages, dancers, and musicians passes through several towns. I can’t even imagine how much work it must have been to decorate all those cars. There wasn’t a single bit of free space across any of those cars and carriages, everything was covered in flowers.  Every year, the Flower Parade has a theme. The theme of the 2022 parade was Freedom.

Pass through – projít, procházet 

Everything was covered in flowers – všechno bylo pokryté květinami

Unique piece of Dutch history – Zaanse Schans

The next stop was in the picturesque town of Zaanse Schans. It is a typical, historic Dutch village with fairy-tale windmills and a culture of traditional handcraft. I spent less than two hours in this town. The only entrance fee is for the museum, otherwise, there is no need to pay for anything. I walked past the windmills, but the wind was so strong and unpleasant that it was a very quick walk. Then, I tried homemade fresh waffles at a local confectionery. They were so delicious!!!

Dutch – nizozemský, holandský 

Picturesque town – malebné město 

Handcraft – řemeslná výroba 

Entrance fee – vstupní poplatek 

Confectionery – cukrárna 

Dutch clogs are heritage. However, they are mostly worn only by farmers and gardeners in the countryside. You can go for a free clog demonstration.

There is also a cheese factory and a store in Prague where you can taste different types of cheese for free. There are cheeses with herbs and spices as well as cow, sheep, and goat cheeses. They are made from quality homemade milk and are very tasty. I think I spent the most money on this whole trip in this shop.

Clogs – dřeváky (boty)

Heritage – dědictví 

Demonstration – ukázka 

Herbs and spices – bylinky a koření 

A quick visit to Amsterdam

As soon as we arrived in Amsterdam, we went on a boat to enjoy a canal cruise. It’s the best way to see everything and admire the different lights of the city. The canals are over 100 kilometers long and are a must-see – they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Because of them, Amsterdam gained the nickname ‘Venice of the North’.

Canal cruise – plavba po kanále 

Must-see – musíte je vidět

Nickname – přezdívka

During a cruise on the Amsterdam Canal, you will see beautiful canal house facades (many of them are askew) and beautiful houseboats. Did you know that most people in Amsterdam don’t have curtains in their windows? So, you can look through their windows into their living rooms as they watch an evening show on TV.

Askew – křivý, šikmý 

Curtains – závěsy, záclony 

During a night walk in Amsterdam, we also passed through a very popular Red-Light District. It’s a street full of window brothels, sex shops, and nightlife. Important advice for you: never, ever take photos of sex workers in windows.

Nightlife – noční život 

Amsterdam impressed me with its history, exceptional buildings, and way of life.

Ahoj, jsem Lenka!


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